Electric-charging your social changejourney

Raise your hand if you’re aware of social issues, and it makes you angry, or sad, or
scared about our future. Now, raise your hand again, if you are already taking
actions to change that — whether it be voting, donating, protesting, being
involved in student organizations...

But what does that mean in the long run? What change are you actually creating,
when it feels like you against the world?

The short and disheartening answer is, the actions you’re taking today might not
lead to the change you hope to see.

We believe that in order to create real social change,

  • Informed Action > Fast Action
  • Policy = The most effective way to enact wide-scale change
  • Policymakers, policy funders, and advocacy leaders should work with each
    other in an ecosystem.

So how do you, a Gen Z student, become a policymaker, a policy funder, or an
advocacy leader? That’s what we’re here to help you with, every step of the way.

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Kickstart your social change
journey with knowledge base and resources.



Choose actions to take, build your groups of allies, and share your story to inspire others.



Build a foundation in policy, and start exploring career options that align with your skills and interests.



Choose an impact-driven career path and get all the resources to help you grow and succeed in it!

Program 1:


Change Dreamers (n); Open to anyone!

You are a Gen Z who is aware of what's happening around the world, and dreams toward actions for change, but don't know where to get started.

You will get access to:

  • Action Plan Quiz

    Get a personalized plan on where to kickoff your social change journey.
  • Issues Around the World

    Build informed and well-rounded perspectives on pressing social issues.
  • Monthly Challenges

    Recap your knowledge on the Issue of the Month and practice critical thinking.

Program 2:


Change Maker (n);

You are a Gen Z who has been taking some actions toward social changes, but need more guidance.

You will get access to:

  • EP Community

    Find your support network and access resources, workshops, and events.
  • Impact Database

    Choose from a vetted list of impactful actions to take on, whether it's donating, volunteering, or joining the team.
  • Gen Z Spotlights

    Inspire and break down the barrier to entry for other Gen Zs with your story.

Program 3:


Change Advocates (n);

You are a Gen Z who's ready to learn how governments & policy works, and start exploring / planning for an impact-driven career.

You will get access to:

EP Policy School

In a 4-course series, you'll not only learn about civics and policy, but also get mentorship from current policymakers and explore different career options in social change.

Program 4:


Change Leaders (n);

You are a Gen Z who is ready to dedicate a career in social change - whether as a policymaker, an activist/ nonprofit founder, or a policy funder who works for a company that aligns with your social impact values and funds the policies you believe in.

You will get access to:

  • EP Policy Fellowship

    Enter your career in policy in this think tank by strategizing and crafting mock policy proposals for the government.
  • EP Nonprofit Incubator

    Jump into advocacy, activism, or
    nonprofit by validating the issue space and building your Theory of Change.
  • Impact Job Board

    Get access to a vetted list of companies for internship or job opportunities that align with your values and mission.
We envision an equitable, sustainable, and
positively charged world led by our generation.
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