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Electric Potential is the first guided resources program built to catalyze Gen Z to become agents of social change who will educate the public, implement effective policy, and/or fund programs that foster impact—ultimately driving changes that improve the standards of living, working, and learning across the globe.

Our Story

A Broken World

Hopelessness. Despair. Loss.

We, Gen-Z, have grown up bombarded with a polarized news cycle and social media systems designed to tear us apart.

But rather than give in to pessimism, we have chosen to rise up. We have proven time and time again that we are more than just the generation of the hopeless, but of students, of game-changers, of activists.

Overcoming Barriers to Change
But fighting for social change isn't easy. In our interviews with fellow Gen Z students...
said they want to take more action but feel too lost and overwhelmed on where to get started
said they've been working on activism, but feel isolated, defeated, or just not impactful enough in their effort
said they're worried about echo chambers, and false information or bias in media
Who we are
That's why Electric Potential was born. Our team is Gen Z-led and Gen Z-centered, and we believe in our generation's untapped electric potential.

By building sustainable awareness on social issues through breaking echo chambers, catalyzing informed and lasting actions, and producing a generation of future change makers, we will create a ripple effect of social impact.

The EP Values

At Electric Potential, we hold 3 values close to our hearts. These values drive everything we do, from our internal meetings to the way we interact with our community.


The idea that everyone deserves equal opportunity by accounting for each of our contexts.


Designing for present and lasting change that responsibly, effectively, and fairly distributes resources and power

Positively Charged

The idea that everyone deserves equal opportunity by accounting for each of our contexts.
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Our Team


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We are one of the largest Gen Z grassroots movements for social change, comprised of 96% current students and recent grads volunteers. If you're passionate about building content, products, or communities as your form of activism, you'll fit right in. Fill out the form below to apply!


In our team of 29, we have: